Saturday, February 9, 2013

Android web development

Mobile software development has usually required working with a proprietary toolset
to build applications. The term SDK is a familiar one—the majority of this Article
Android software development using the Android SDK. But the Android SDK
isn’t the only way to build and deliver applications for the Android platform. With
the emergence of accessible and powerful mobile browser capabilities, it’s now possible
to develop applications for the Android platform with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Opening up the world of mobile development to web technologies introduces a wide array of possibilities for developers and Android users alike. Mobile devices
rich in user experience (including Android) are in essence shrinking our world as
internet connectivity is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Being connected
to the internet allows Android users to share and access information from virtually
anywhere, at any time. In some ways, the web itself is being redefined as an
increasing percentage of content consumption and creation is taking place on mobile
devices, with Android powering that growth as it reaches new heights of adoption and market share.
This chapter aims to equip you with an understanding of various approaches to
deploying web technologies so that you can deliver an enhanced Android user experience.
We start by surveying the major options for Android web technology development,
all of which rely on the WebKit open source browser engine. After a brief
introduction to WebKit, we look at creating universal web applications—apps that run
well on the desktop as well as the Android browser. From there we move on to demonstrating
the use of the SQL capabilities available in the browser, commonly referred to
as HTML 5 databases. Note that although the browser SQL functionality was originally
part of HTML 5, it has since been extracted from the core HTML 5 specification.
The chapter concludes with an example of building a “hybrid” application—one
that uses Android SDK Java code along with browser-based HTML and JavaScript code.

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